Things To Do In Tulsa

Whether the outdoors are your thing or you would rather spend your leisure time inside the cool air conditioner, there is something in Tulsa for everyone.

Between museums, the zoo, festivals, and various other indoor and outdoor activities, there are plenty of healthy and meaningful activities to keep you busy just about any and every day of the week!

So, keep reading to find out why finding something productive to do is important and for a list of things to do in Tulsa:

Why do you need something to do?

Well, of course, there is the obvious reason of to avoid being bored. Everybody is always looking for something fun to do because let’s be real – who actually just wants to sit at home and do nothing all day, every day?

But, there are other reasons why you should find something to do…

Participating in activities in your area is a great way to meet people. And, meeting people is very beneficial as it helps you make new friends but it also gives you connections – and, you never know when you might need them.

But, another healthy aspect of finding positive and productive things to do is that it keeps you busy…

And, right now, addiction to drugs and alcohol is a major thing in our society. But, by staying busy with productive things you can help ensure you stay out of trouble. Or, if you suffer from addiction it can help you overcome it.

When someone is recovering from an addiction, one of the hardest things is avoiding relapse. So, by finding positive activities to do instead, they help themselves avoid those temptations and give themselves an activity to put their efforts into – which can also help them cope with their emotions.

So, now that you know the positive aspect to finding something fun and productive to do, here are a few ideas of things to do in Tulsa:

    1. Tulsa Zoo

      Going to the zoo is not only an all-day occasion but it is also a great way to get some exercise by walking all around the park!

      Exercise can be beneficial to someone recovering from addiction because it helps restore their body to a healthier version of themselves.

    2. Gilcrease Museum

      If you prefer to be inside instead, check out this museum which houses an extensive collection of artifacts and art of the American West and the Native Americans.

    3. John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park

      Sometimes all you need is a good park – it is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors for free and take in some fresh air.

What is your favorite activity in Tulsa? Share with us in the comments! 

Find Somewhere to Volunteer This Holiday Season

Well, it is that time of year again and the holiday season is upon us. Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving is drawing near and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Our homes will hopefully be filled with great food, laughter, and lots of families just being together. But, during these joyful times are when some people need our help the most…

There are several people who don’t have a family to spend the holidays with, they don’t have money to put food on the table, or they don’t even have a home to have a table for food and to host their family in…

During the holiday season, there are several people who are cold and hurting and could use a helping hand or even just a small act of kindness to brighten their day. And, this makes the perfect opportunity for you!

Why is volunteering important?

Everyone, but especially people in tough situations, can easily become a victim of things like drug and/or alcohol addiction. While, of course, you cannot completely prevent that, you can do your part to help prevent it. By volunteering, you might be helping provide clothes to a shelter so those people will have somewhere safe to stay that keeps them away from the drugs and alcohol on the street.

Or, you might donate food that helps nourish their body back to health which can make them stronger and more equipt to fight an addiction.

You never know who it is you are helping and just exactly what kind of a difference your help is making in their lives.

How can volunteering help you?

Of course, it is great to be able to put it on your resume or talk about it in a presentation at school. But, the real joy of volunteering comes when you see the difference you are making in your community.

Volunteering is something you can feel good about, something you can find joy in.

How can you help?

So, this holiday season, try to find something in your local community, such as Tulsa, where you can get involved. There are several different things like the Salvation Army, Food for Kids, and various other organizations designed to help those in need.

Make your difference in the community and help us fight drug and alcohol addiction in our town, homes, and state. Together, we can make a difference with a little compassion and hard work.

Court Prevents New Drunk Driving Law

Recently, a new drunken-driving law was presented in Oklahoma which would create a program for first-time DUI offenders and abolish the appeals process for individuals who were trying to keep their licenses after being arrested for DUI. However, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has blocked this new Impaired Driving Elimination Act from taking effect.

A lawsuit was filed in June by four attorneys regarding this new law that was trying to take effect. The lawsuit alleged that the Impaired Driving Elimination Act is unconstitutional and that it denies a person their right to due process.

The law is one that was approved by Legislature earlier this year and has been supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

However, when it went to the Oklahoma Supreme Court it was blocked and authorities are prohibited from enforcing the provisions of the law until the court makes a ruling on the lawsuit in place from the four attorneys which challenges its constitutionality.

While the law might not have been passed, the fact that it does bring up a serious issue cannot be denied – the issue of drunk driving. Drunk driving has long been an issue…

People think that they are not too impaired, that they are too good of a driver, and that they can easily make it just a few minutes down the road. It is the age-old tale of not having someone to take you home, not wanting to stay at someone’s house, and not wanting to leave your car at whatever location you are at. But, the decision to get behind the wheel is one that has cost several people years in jail, their life, and even the lives of innocent people.

Even if an individual feels as though they are still able to drive, the limits put in place by the law are there for a reason. Especially when drinking, your judgment is impaired – making you think you can drive when in all reality, you are far from being in any state to drive.

And, furthermore, this happens more commonly with those who suffer from an alcohol addiction…

Just think about it – if you drink more often than not, there are likely to be far more times when you need to get somewhere but are already drunk. And, you might even go as far as to think:

Well, I’ve driven drunk plenty of times and been fine, what is one more time?

But, that one more time could just be one time too many…

Think before you get behind the wheel. And, if you have an alcohol addiction, seek help now.

Bullying In Schools Continues In Tulsa

Do you remember watching those movies as a child where someone would be walking through school with their head down? They were clearly portraying a bullied child…

Then, as they approached a group of students who appeared bigger and meaner, they would have their books knocked out of their hands or be pushed down to the ground.

We see bullying portrayed everywhere – on television, on the Internet, in skits… But, the reality of it is, this is really happening in our schools today. And, in schools in Tulsa, it is no different. Some Tulsa parents even believe that the administration isn’t doing enough to stop it…

One mother, who said her son is being bullied at Sequoyah Elementary told FOX23 that her son was recently stabbed in the stomach and shoulder with a pencil while he was in class. The mother noted that as a result of the stabbing, the students who stabbed her son only received two days of in-school suspension. Furthermore, the mother said one of those days the students just spent in a pre-K class.

But, the story just gets worse…

The mother also reported that the next day a friend of one of the students accused of stabbing her son jumped her son and she also said the school district never even notified her of the incident.

The mother of the student being bullied continued on to say that her son has been a victim of this bullying since he was in the second grade and he is now in the fifth grade.

For parents of bullied students, some might find themselves wondering when this ongoing issue will end…

But, one thing that should also be considered is what this can lead to. Of course, bullying can lead to depression and other illnesses, but it can also lead some individuals to drink or do drugs. And, this can happen on both ends – the bully who now feels bad or the one who is bullied just looking to drown their pain.

So, of course, while you can’t put your child in bubble wrap and ensure nothing will ever happen to them and they will never drink or do drugs, you can discuss it with them. One of the best ways to help your child avoid addiction is to be open about it.

Talk to them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and ask that they be open with you if they feel an issue with either or both of these might be arising. Seek help if needed.

Even Drug Dealers Get Creative Sometimes

Do you remember as a child when you really wanted that cookie from the cookie jar?

You would try to come up with some sort of creative reasoning as to why your mom should let you have it.

Or you might try to come up with some creative way to get your mom out of the room so you could finally grab it.

When there is something we want or something we need, we will likely get creative to get it if necessary. And, unfortunately, that creativity even boils over to the world of drug and alcohol addiction…

When someone is addicted to something, their body literally craves it. They have developed this need for it in the pleasure center of their brain and their body is constantly begging them to get ahold of it. So, just like you would do anything to get that cookie from the cookie jar, they will do anything to get those drugs or alcohol in their hands.

Recently, this creativity has been seen in the world of drug dealers in Tulsa…

Of course, drug dealers are trying to avoid getting caught – they could face serious criminal charges if convicted. So, they typically try to do things under the radar.

But, the authorities have been trained for scenarios such as a drug deal, so drug dealers often find themselves still getting caught when using traditional methods.

As a result, drug dealers have now begun to get creative with their pill distribution.

At the end of September, the city of Tulsa reported that despite their efforts to crack down on drug misuse in Oklahoma, pills are still getting into the wrong hands, according to NewsOK.

The issue lies with people lying and being deceitful…

There have been reports of doctors treating supposed patients until the early morning hours, writing prescriptions for known drug dealers knowing their intent was to sell the medication at a profit. Others obtain a real prescription, make a fraudulent copy and take it to several different pharmacies to continue getting the drugs.

Rather than robbing pharmacies, people are just finding more crafty and creative ways to have the drugs simply handed over to them across the pharmacy counter.

This not only aids addicts in our community but it is also dangerous because people could be unsure of what exactly they are taking and how much is too much. You have to look for signs in every nook and cranny – not just what is right in front of you.