Even Drug Dealers Get Creative Sometimes

Do you remember as a child when you really wanted that cookie from the cookie jar?

You would try to come up with some sort of creative reasoning as to why your mom should let you have it.

Or you might try to come up with some creative way to get your mom out of the room so you could finally grab it.

When there is something we want or something we need, we will likely get creative to get it if necessary. And, unfortunately, that creativity even boils over to the world of drug and alcohol addiction…

When someone is addicted to something, their body literally craves it. They have developed this need for it in the pleasure center of their brain and their body is constantly begging them to get ahold of it. So, just like you would do anything to get that cookie from the cookie jar, they will do anything to get those drugs or alcohol in their hands.

Recently, this creativity has been seen in the world of drug dealers in Tulsa…

Of course, drug dealers are trying to avoid getting caught – they could face serious criminal charges if convicted. So, they typically try to do things under the radar.

But, the authorities have been trained for scenarios such as a drug deal, so drug dealers often find themselves still getting caught when using traditional methods.

As a result, drug dealers have now begun to get creative with their pill distribution.

At the end of September, the city of Tulsa reported that despite their efforts to crack down on drug misuse in Oklahoma, pills are still getting into the wrong hands, according to NewsOK.

The issue lies with people lying and being deceitful…

There have been reports of doctors treating supposed patients until the early morning hours, writing prescriptions for known drug dealers knowing their intent was to sell the medication at a profit. Others obtain a real prescription, make a fraudulent copy and take it to several different pharmacies to continue getting the drugs.

Rather than robbing pharmacies, people are just finding more crafty and creative ways to have the drugs simply handed over to them across the pharmacy counter.

This not only aids addicts in our community but it is also dangerous because people could be unsure of what exactly they are taking and how much is too much. You have to look for signs in every nook and cranny – not just what is right in front of you.