Court Prevents New Drunk Driving Law

Recently, a new drunken-driving law was presented in Oklahoma which would create a program for first-time DUI offenders and abolish the appeals process for individuals who were trying to keep their licenses after being arrested for DUI. However, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has blocked this new Impaired Driving Elimination Act from taking effect.

A lawsuit was filed in June by four attorneys regarding this new law that was trying to take effect. The lawsuit alleged that the Impaired Driving Elimination Act is unconstitutional and that it denies a person their right to due process.

The law is one that was approved by Legislature earlier this year and has been supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

However, when it went to the Oklahoma Supreme Court it was blocked and authorities are prohibited from enforcing the provisions of the law until the court makes a ruling on the lawsuit in place from the four attorneys which challenges its constitutionality.

While the law might not have been passed, the fact that it does bring up a serious issue cannot be denied – the issue of drunk driving. Drunk driving has long been an issue…

People think that they are not too impaired, that they are too good of a┬ádriver, and that they can easily make it just a few minutes down the road. It is the age-old tale of not having someone to take you home, not wanting to stay at someone’s house, and not wanting to leave your car at whatever location you are at. But, the decision to get behind the wheel is one that has cost several people years in jail, their life, and even the lives of innocent people.

Even if an individual feels as though they are still able to drive, the limits put in place by the law are there for a reason. Especially when drinking, your judgment is impaired – making you think you can drive when in all reality, you are far from being in any state to drive.

And, furthermore, this happens more commonly with those who suffer from an alcohol addiction…

Just think about it – if you drink more often than not, there are likely to be far more times when you need to get somewhere but are already drunk. And, you might even go as far as to think:

Well, I’ve driven drunk plenty of times and been fine, what is one more time?

But, that one more time could just be one time too many…

Think before you get behind the wheel. And, if you have an alcohol addiction, seek help now.