Things To Do In Tulsa

Whether the outdoors are your thing or you would rather spend your leisure time inside the cool air conditioner, there is something in Tulsa for everyone.

Between museums, the zoo, festivals, and various other indoor and outdoor activities, there are plenty of healthy and meaningful activities to keep you busy just about any and every day of the week!

So, keep reading to find out why finding something productive to do is important and for a list of things to do in Tulsa:

Why do you need something to do?

Well, of course, there is the obvious reason of to avoid being bored. Everybody is always looking for something fun to do because let’s be real – who actually just wants to sit at home and do nothing all day, every day?

But, there are other reasons why you should find something to do…

Participating in activities in your area is a great way to meet people. And, meeting people is very beneficial as it helps you make new friends but it also gives you connections – and, you never know when you might need them.

But, another healthy aspect of finding positive and productive things to do is that it keeps you busy…

And, right now, addiction to drugs and alcohol is a major thing in our society. But, by staying busy with productive things you can help ensure you stay out of trouble. Or, if you suffer from addiction it can help you overcome it.

When someone is recovering from an addiction, one of the hardest things is avoiding relapse. So, by finding positive activities to do instead, they help themselves avoid those temptations and give themselves an activity to put their efforts into – which can also help them cope with their emotions.

So, now that you know the positive aspect to finding something fun and productive to do, here are a few ideas of things to do in Tulsa:

    1. Tulsa Zoo

      Going to the zoo is not only an all-day occasion but it is also a great way to get some exercise by walking all around the park!

      Exercise can be beneficial to someone recovering from addiction because it helps restore their body to a healthier version of themselves.

    2. Gilcrease Museum

      If you prefer to be inside instead, check out this museum which houses an extensive collection of artifacts and art of the American West and the Native Americans.

    3. John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park

      Sometimes all you need is a good park – it is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors for free and take in some fresh air.

What is your favorite activity in Tulsa? Share with us in the comments!